When Will the USPS be Closed in 2018?

Closed For The Holidays

Losing sight of the US Postal Service’s holiday closures is the easiest way to delay your bulk mail campaigns. This post will help you keep track of when the USPS is closed in 2018. Most businesses are open during several … Continue reading

First Class Mail Delivery Now Slower

snail mail

As of Friday, January 5th, 2015, first class mail delivery will take longer. This is the result of what the USPS refers to as “network consolidation.” Network consolidation simply means that there will be fewer USPS locations available to process … Continue reading

The Latest USPS Fail, the Picture Permit Imprint Indicia

I’m sorry to report that the USPS has taken a potential benefit to business mailers and turned it into yet another bureaucratic blunder. Here’s why, and here’s a better alternative.

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Are QR Codes Dead?

Have QR Codes gone the way of the dinosaur? If you look at current marketing efforts by Facebook, PayPal and Susan G. Komen, the answer is a resounding “no.” In fact with the continued explosion in smartphone growth, it looks like QR Codes are even more relevant than ever.

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Dear USPS: Here’s How To Get More Love from Business Mailers and Increase Your Revenues in the Process

Dear USPS: We the business mailers, nonprofits and marketers are here to help you! If you help us. Here are a few simple suggestions to help get you moving in the right direction.

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Marketer’s Nightmare: USPS Combines Slower Service with Higher Postage Rates

USPS Rate Increase

Under tremendous pressure to reduce its deficits, the USPS has decided to increase postage rates while substantially reducing the speed of delivery for most first class mail. What are the implications to you as a marketer?

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