Google Display Network Plus Direct Mail Equals Better Response Rate

Direct mail is still unparalleled in its ability to accurately target prospects and customers. However, if your target audience doesn’t respond right away they often forget about your offer…even if they may be interested in responding to your offer. Enter … Continue reading

Your Marketing Blind Spot

This may be the most important blog post that I’ve ever written. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and innocent, but this is a completely true story. A story I share so that people like you can learn from it.

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Do You Know about the New Bulk Mail Incentives from the USPS?

Do you shy away from direct mail marketing because you think it’s too expensive? If so, you may want to take a look at two new programs recently launched by the USPS that make bulk mail a more cost effective marketing option.

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Why Aren’t You Including Video In Your Marketing Mix?

I recently shot my first marketing video, and I was amazed at how cost-effective it was to add this to my own marketing mix, and how easy it was to incorporate with my other marketing channels. Today’s post features video marketing expert, Hope Daley, from Guerilla Media who shares secrets to successful video marketing for smaller organizations.

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Why Should You Care About QR Codes Anyway?

All businesses want customers to buy their product or service, but the act of making a “sale” is not always a straight line. Detours along the way to a sale, often involve steering customers and potential customers into your sales funnel. The concept of a sales funnel is that while prospects may not be ready to make a purchase right now, you can influence them in the right direction towards the ultimate goal of the coveted “sale.” Getting prospects into your sales funnel typically involves 2 critical components: 1) getting their attention, and 2) getting them to interact with you. If you can somehow get your prospect’s attention then QR Codes make it very easy for them to interact with you and your brand. QR Codes are perhaps the dominant predator when it comes to the holy grail of integrated marketing. Read on to see how other companies are using QR Codes right now and how you can easily incorporate them into your existing marketing.

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How to Create Marketing that Makes People Upset Who DON’T Receive it

When was the last time that one of your customers called you and complained because they didn’t receive one of your marketing pieces? If you answered “never,” then perhaps it’s time to consider making your marketing communication more personal and relevant by including variable data and variable graphics. Last week I launched an experimental direct mail campaign that incorporated both, and I was pleasantly surprised when several customers called to let me know that their coworkers were jealous because they didn’t receive our ultra-personal marketing communication. What follows in this post is a brief case study that explains what we did and how you can incorporate this in your own customer marketing campaigns.

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