April 10, 2016 Postage Decrease Confirmed

Do you use USPS? Good news if you do – the first postage decrease in almost 100 years goes into effect this Sunday, April 10. This rate decrease marks the conclusion of a temporary rate increase approved by the congressional … Continue reading

Possible USPS Postage Rate Decrease Imminent

Rules and Regulations - Postage Rate Decrease

Earlier this week, the U.S. Postal Service reported their first quarter results for fiscal year 2016. It’s good news for direct mailers –¬†we’re currently on track for a postage rate decrease when the exigent surcharge expires in a few months. … Continue reading

Marketer’s Nightmare: USPS Combines Slower Service with Higher Postage Rates

USPS Rate Increase

Under tremendous pressure to reduce its deficits, the USPS has decided to increase postage rates while substantially reducing the speed of delivery for most first class mail. What are the implications to you as a marketer?

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