Why Consider Outsourcing Your Database Management?

Database Management

Successfully running a nonprofit or membership organization requires a very broad set of diverse talents. Based on this, it’s certainly possible that nobody at your organization can accurately be described as a database expert. Neglecting your database isn’t an option … Continue reading

Why is Traditional Direct Mail Fundraising Still Relevant?

Direct Mail Fundraising

For all the buzz about online marketing, you’d think direct mail had died as a source of nonprofit fundraising. The truth is that direct mail fundraising, and other traditional approaches, are still outperforming online channels by a wide margin! What … Continue reading

Multi-Channel Marketing: Combining the Strengths of Direct Mail and Online Campaigns

Online marketing channels, including social media and email marketing, are a hot topic in advertising and marketing. It may surprise you to learn that online marketing is far from the most effective means of fundraising! While online marketing allows organizations … Continue reading

January 2013 Deadline for Mandatory Adoption of Intelligent Mail Barcode by USPS

The USPS is rolling out a mandatory adoption of the Intelligent Mail Barcode on January 28, 2013. How will it impact you?

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The Best Nonprofit Fundraising Advice

The postage rate decrease means savings for bulk mailers

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just unzip the heads of the absolute best fundraisers and cram their knowledge into your head? Of course it could never be that easy, but I may have found the next best thing.

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Are QR Codes Dead?

Have QR Codes gone the way of the dinosaur? If you look at current marketing efforts by Facebook, PayPal and Susan G. Komen, the answer is a resounding “no.” In fact with the continued explosion in smartphone growth, it looks like QR Codes are even more relevant than ever.

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Marketers Take Note: USPS Repeats Summer Barcode Discount, But With Restrictions

Are you looking to save some money on your bulk mail postage and stretch your marketing budget? Here’s some breaking news that can help.

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Dear USPS: Here’s How To Get More Love from Business Mailers and Increase Your Revenues in the Process

Dear USPS: We the business mailers, nonprofits and marketers are here to help you! If you help us. Here are a few simple suggestions to help get you moving in the right direction.

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Does Nonprofit Postage Save a Lot of Money?

Did you know that nonprofit postage costs about 1/3 as much as first class postage in the U.S.? Today’s post explains how your organization can be sure to take advantage of this tremendous discount.

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