Why Consider Outsourcing Your Database Management?

Database Management

Successfully running a nonprofit or membership organization requires a very broad set of diverse talents. Based on this, it’s certainly possible that nobody at your organization can accurately be described as a database expert. Neglecting your database isn’t an option … Continue reading

Is Direct Mail Fundraising Still Pulling in the Lion’s Share of Gifts?

The postage rate decrease means savings for bulk mailers

With all the noise about social media marketing and e-mail marketing, are you confused about how direct mail fundraising still fits into the mix? You’ll want to read today’s short post to see the most current stats about the effectiveness of direct mail fundraising, and to learn tips for incorporating e-mail & social media marketing into your fundraising mix.

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Examples Showing How Getting Personal with Donors Can Make a Big Difference

I want to share examples of some fantastic donor campaigns that demonstrate the power of getting personal with your donors.

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