Tracking the Success of Your Marketing With a Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

Is your marketing working? How do you know if it’s working or not? These are incredibly important questions to consider as you continue to make marketing investments in your organization. Understanding the results of existing campaigns helps you to better … Continue reading

January 2013 Deadline for Mandatory Adoption of Intelligent Mail Barcode by USPS

The USPS is rolling out a mandatory adoption of the Intelligent Mail Barcode on January 28, 2013. How will it impact you?

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Marketer’s Nightmare: USPS Combines Slower Service with Higher Postage Rates

USPS Rate Increase

Under tremendous pressure to reduce its deficits, the USPS has decided to increase postage rates while substantially reducing the speed of delivery for most first class mail. What are the implications to you as a marketer?

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Case Study: Nonprofit Direct Mail Marketing: Why Simple Is Better

Are you struggling to produce high-quality direct mail marketing campaigns without breaking the bank? Here’s a case study profiling a very simple, money-saving nonprofit direct mail marketing campaign that gets so many of the subtle, yet critically important elements exactly right.

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Breaking News: USPS Offers Additional Discount for Bulk Mail that Includes a QR Code

Direct Mail Delivery

Saving money is always good news. In an experiment to increase the use of QR Codes and encourage direct mail marketing, the USPS has decided to offer 3% discount off of bulk mail postage for 2 months this summer.

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Breaking News: USPS Pushes Back Intelligent Mail Barcode Deadline

Within the last few days, the USPS announced that the required transition to the Intelligent Mail Barcode has been pushed back. Curious what the implications are for you? Then read on.

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USPS Holiday Schedule and 2011 Postal Trends

With both Christmas and New Year’s Day being on a Saturday this year, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what this means for US Post Office hours and bulk mail. I’ve also been getting questions about what changes the USPS has in store for the upcoming year. This post will address all of these questions and more.

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What’s the Intelligent Mail Barcode and Why You Should Care?

The US Post Office is under tremendous pressure to save money and become more efficient. One step that the USPS has taken to attempt to increase efficiency is the adoption of the intelligent mail barcode. If your organization uses direct mail, then this will almost certainly have a significant impact on either how you prepare your mailings, how much you pay for bulk postage or BOTH.

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