Tracking the Success of Your Marketing With a Campaign Dashboard

Campaign Dashboard

Is your marketing working? How do you know if it’s working or not? These are incredibly important questions to consider as you continue to make marketing investments in your organization. Understanding the results of existing campaigns helps you to better … Continue reading

Google Display Network Plus Direct Mail Equals Better Response Rate

Direct mail is still unparalleled in its ability to accurately target prospects and customers. However, if your target audience doesn’t respond right away they often forget about your offer…even if they may be interested in responding to your offer. Enter … Continue reading

Direct Mail Marketing Secrets From The Big Boys

Direct Mail Marketing

Learn why Nissan says direct mail marketing is essential to its marketing strategy.

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How Google Uses Direct Mail Marketing to Grow its Business

Google is one of the most idolized companies in the world right now. Funny thing is that most people don’t realize that Google is also one of the largest direct mailers globally. This short post will show you which techniques Google is employing in their direct mail marketing.

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Special Offer: Free Vehicle For All Readers

This week Google announced that it was no longer providing free QR Codes to businesses as part of “Google Places.” Commenters on my blog, and many in the social media community proclaimed that this was the beginning of the end of QR Codes. This short post explains why I think that QR Codes are, in fact, here to stay.

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Just How Are Targeted Mailing Lists Created?

I get asked all the time, “How is the information gathered for the mailing lists that you provide?” This post will provide a very brisk tour of what types of lists are available and their data sources.

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