Informed Delivery: USPS’s Innovative New Program

Direct Mail is Strong

The United States Postal Service has rolled out a new digital marketing program nationwide, and its great news for direct mailers! Announced last year, USPS’s new initiative is called Informed Delivery. This opt-in program allows customers to receive a scanned … Continue reading

Multi-Channel Marketing: Combining the Strengths of Direct Mail and Online Campaigns

Online marketing channels, including social media and email marketing, are a hot topic in advertising and marketing. It may surprise you to learn that online marketing is far from the most effective means of fundraising! While online marketing allows organizations … Continue reading

Examples Showing The Power of Personalization in Marketing

Your marketing campaign is doomed to fail if you don’t get your prospects’ attention. Personalization is a very easy and very effective way to get their attention. Here are some creative examples.

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Is Direct Mail Fundraising Still Pulling in the Lion’s Share of Gifts?

The postage rate decrease means savings for bulk mailers

With all the noise about social media marketing and e-mail marketing, are you confused about how direct mail fundraising still fits into the mix? You’ll want to read today’s short post to see the most current stats about the effectiveness of direct mail fundraising, and to learn tips for incorporating e-mail & social media marketing into your fundraising mix.

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