Phone Tracking And Direct Mail


You’ve probably heard the popular quote “I know that half of my marketing is working, but I just don’t know which half.” Of course, this speaks to the challenges associated with tracking traditional marketing. One very successful way we’ve found to overcome this is by using a tracking phone number to measure the responses to a specific direct mail marketing campaign.

Like chocolate and peanut butter, direct mail and phone tracking are a great match

How does phone tracking work?

We acquire a new phone number that automatically forwards to your existing phone number, or directly to the department or individual that you would like to field the phone calls. This phone number can use the same area code as your normal, local phone number, or it can be set up as a toll-free phone number. This process is seamless to your customer and your organization because the call just rings on your existing phone line.

Can I have the phone calls recorded too?

If you work with us to provide a tracking phone number, then your inbound phone calls to the tracking phone number will be recorded too. We set up a secure dashboard for you that supplies the following information:

  • date & time of inbound phone call to tracking phone number
  • phone number of the caller
  • length of the call
  • recording of the phone call

All callers hear a recording indicating that their calls may be recorded for quality control purposes.

What’s the benefit of having inbound calls recorded?

Recorded phone calls present a terrific opportunity for customer service or sales training feedback.

What if I want to extend the tracking number for additional time beyond the campaign?

If you work with us for a tracking phone number, your number will be active for 30 days after your marketing campaign is dropped in the mail. You can extend the tracking number in 30-day increments for as long as you would like.

This is a turn-key service that we offer in conjunction with your direct mail campaign. We supply the phone number, set up the recording and plug you in to the tracking portal. Currently, this is offered as a direct mail add-on with our Google Display Network advertising supplement.

Contact us for more information about getting a tracking phone number for your next direct mail campaign.

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