Is Direct Mail Dead?

Direct Mail Marketing

I read a blog post yesterday declaring the death of direct mail and found my inspiration to write this blog post. I am a firm believer in a multi-channel marketing approach; although direct mail is my business, I also market via my blog, my e-newsletter, Twitter, LinkedIn and old-school face-to-face networking. To demonstrate that direct mail is not in fact dead, I received permission from 2 clients (1 nonprofit and 1 for-profit) to share how direct mail effectively fits into their marketing mix. Here are their stories.

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Yes, There are Restrictions to Mailing at the Nonprofit Rate

Nonprofit organizations in the US are able to save thousands of dollars in postage expenses each year by mailing at the deeply discounted nonprofit rate. Smart nonprofits often partner with for-profit companies when fundraising. However, just because a charitable organization is approved to mail at the nonprofit rate doesn’t mean that they can partner with just any organization and still qualify for deeply discounted postage. The US Post Office prohibits partnering with businesses in specific industries.

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Important Limitations Associated with Saturation Rate Mailings

Who doesn’t want to mail at the lowest possible postage rate? Everyone wants to save money, but as with most bargain basement priced items, there are some inconveniences and limitations associated with saturation mailings. Please read this post before diving head-first into a saturation mailing.

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Saturation Rate Mailings: The Cheapest Way to Go!

In a tight economy, every penny counts! Saturation rate mailings offer the least expensive bulk mailing option in the United States. Saturation rate postage costs even less than standard bulk mail/presort standard mail. When using the saturation rate, the per piece postage cost can be as low as 13.9 cents a piece.

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Lifestyle Mailing Lists: The Best Kept Secret For Attracting New Customers

A lifestyle list is a list of prospects who share a common interest or passion instead of a common geography. Those considering using a lifestyle list to grow their customer base simply need to identify the hobbies, pastimes, or interests of their existing customers and look for a mailing list that targets this data.

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Finding New Customers by Identifying the Right Residential Database

Looking for new customers? If so then identifying a qualified residential database is the first place to start. 50% -70% of the success of a mailing campaign is determined by the mailing list. In my experience as a direct mail professional, I can attest to the fact that the mailing list is the single most important factor in determining the success of a direct mail campaign, and it is, unfortunately, the element of the campaign that is most often neglected or overlooked.

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Identifying New Customers with Business to Business Mailing Lists

Business lists have much more robust levels of information available than standard residential mailing lists. Business lists typically provide the name of the CEO, president or owner, the number of years in business, the number of employees, and estimated annual revenue. For anyone considering acquiring a business list as a way to grow their business, keep in mind that most list providers will provide a free count of any requested list.

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How to Find the Right Mailing List

Developing a prospect mailing list is a fantastic way to identify new prospects, and increase revenue. Most list providers have made it very easy to make free inquiries to determine exactly what is available, how large a list is, and how much it costs, before purchasing the mailing list.

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What is a Business Reply Permit, and Who Should Get One?

Anyone looking to increase response rate for a solicitation should consider investing in a Business Reply Permit. Simply stated, a business reply mailer allows someone to respond to an offer without having to affix a stamp or spend any money on postage.

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How to Increase Responses from My Mail Appeal?

  Guest post by Lori L. Jacobwith, communication & fundraising strategist who helped helped organizations generate nearly $90 million from individuals.   It’s heading into the time of year when I receive LOTS of fundraising appeals via mail. … Continue reading