Marketing Mail Infographic

Who’s being targeted with direct mail marketing? What are people doing with their marketing mail when they receive it?

Marketing Mail Infographic: Mail volume increases with income and age, and 78% of households read or scan advertising mail.

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All statistics above are from the USPS 2014 Household Diary Study. The Annual Household Diary Study is performed by the USPS to gather information about attitudes towards mail, mail volume (both sent and received), bill payment behavior, and use of the internet. USPS uses this information for market research, forecasting, and strategic planning.

The Study collects its data in two parts. First an entry interview is conducted, which collects demographic information and attitudes towards mail. Second, the households interviewed receive a mail diary, in which they report the mail both sent and received in a one week span. For more information about the Study, check out the USPS’s website.

We’re excited that USPS is measuring read rates for marketing mail, especially with their new integrated marketing program approaching nationwide implementation! For more information about their new program, check out our post here.

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