Marketing in the US and the Latest QR Code Statistics


So you’re still wondering if QR Codes are worth all of the hype. Well, to make your decision easier, here are the latest statistics on QR Code use in marketing in the US.

How many people scanned QR Codes in the month of June in the US? Try 14 million! This is the equivalent of every single person in the state of Pennsylvania scanning a QR Code in the month of June-that’s an awful lot of people!


Are the people scanning QR Codes wealthy? The study found that more than 36% of the people scanning QR codes in the US are earning over $100,000-wow!


Is there a gender bias? More men scan QR Codes than women. A survey by comScore showed that men scanned about 60% of the QR codes in the US.

Does age matter? Yes, age is definitely a factor. More than half of all QR Codes were scanned by people in the US between the ages of 18 and 34.

Which type of smartphone are people using to scan the most QR Codes? Almost 10% more people are using Androids to scan QR Codes as opposed to iPhones.

Where are people when they scan QR Codes? Surprisingly, even though QR Codes are meant to appeal to people on the go nearly 60% of QR Codes are scanned at home. Most of the rest of the scans were done at retail stores.

If you want to drill down a little deeper, the majority of the statistics in this article came from these two posts: QR code lovers skew male, young & affluent and 14 Million U.S. Adults Used QR Codes in June.

Do the people scanning QR Codes in the US sound like your customers or potential customers?

These statistics make it clear that QR Codes are not a passing fad or trend. The fact that 10s of millions of people are scanning QR Codes in the US, means that you need to start including QR Codes in your marketing right now if you’re not already including them.

What do people WANT when they scan QR Codes? Of course you can’t just slap a random QR Code on any marketing collateral. You need to know what people scanning QR codes are seeking. To get more insight on this, take a look at my recent post, The “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of QR Codes in Marketing.

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Do QR Codes resonate with your target market? If so, how have you used them in your marketing? Please share your answers in the comments below.

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