Google Display Network Plus Direct Mail Equals Better Response Rate

Direct mail is still unparalleled in its ability to accurately target prospects and customers. However, if your target audience doesn’t respond right away they often forget about your offer…even if they may be interested in responding to your offer. Enter direct mail combined with the Google Display Network to solve your problems associated with the limited time in front of your target audience.

The Google Display Network is the long tail of search that follows you after you visit a specific web page or search for a specific item.

Have you ever located a specific product on Amazon or Ebay, not purchased it right away and then found that exact item following you around as a display ad on different news & social media sites that you visit? That’s the Google Display Network working behind the scenes. It’s a very effective tool for keeping top-of-mind awareness for a product or service.

How can the Google Display Network be paired with your direct mail campaign?

Before your mailing campaign is printed & mailed, we review the target geography of your mailing list and evaluate your web traffic. If your web traffic is below the threshold needed to activate the Google Display Network then we’ll schedule paid search in your target areas. Once your pieces are printed and out in the mail, we activate the Google Display Network across your target geography.

The effect of this is that it gives a boost to your campaign because anyone who visits your website as a result of your mailing gets cycled into Google Display Network ads for your product or service for a 30-day period.

Why is this a perfect program for small businesses?

The Google Display Network doesn’t kick in until there’s a certain threshold of traffic on a website. Most small businesses don’t have enough organic traffic to satisfy the minimum threshold. By combining optional Google Ads, before your campaign is launched with the Google Display Network once your campaign is in the mail, we work to satisfy the minimum traffic requirement for you in advance.

How can I take advantage of Google Display Network + Direct Mail?

You can think of direct mail combined with the Google Display Network as direct mail on steroids, and we’re now offering this as a service to good clients like you.

You can supply your own mailing list, work with us to compile the perfectly targeted mailing list for you, or do a combination of the two.

Contact us for more information about how you can use this exciting new technology.

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