Website Danger: Actually Get Fired Before You Are Hired

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Examples Showing How Custom QR Codes Can Liven Up Your Marketing

Are you thinking about including QR Codes in your marketing mix, but worried that they’re an ugly distraction? Here’s a little known secret: you can remove up to 30% of most QR Codes, and they will still work. This post will provide some real life examples of customized QR Codes.

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Special Offer: Free Vehicle For All Readers

This week Google announced that it was no longer providing free QR Codes to businesses as part of “Google Places.” Commenters on my blog, and many in the social media community proclaimed that this was the beginning of the end of QR Codes. This short post explains why I think that QR Codes are, in fact, here to stay.

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Learn More for Free With Nonprofit Podcasts

There’s so much fantastic information being shared online that there’s just not enough time in the day to read all of it. While it’s impossible to add more time into your day, it is possible to make more effective use of the limited time that you have. This brief post will recommend some quality nonprofit podcasts, and describe the simple steps you can take to access them.

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Why Haven’t You Started Using QR Codes in Your Marketing Yet?

Since my first post about QR Codes 10 months ago, I’ve seen the use of QR Codes in marketing explode. What are you doing to interact with your existing and potential customers? QR Codes are essentially a free way to engage with your target audience.

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The Critical Decision: Which Database Management Software is Best for my Nonprofit?

The increasingly complicated mosh of communication channels for donors and volunteers has driven many nonprofits to the brink of chaos. What are you to do to keep your database organized and stay in touch?

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Star Trek Technology has arrived with Direct Mail! How to Beam Customers Directly to your Website!

Have you ever heard of a QR code? I never heard of a QR code until I read the most recent issue of American Printer magazine. QR codes represent the future of marketing communication by merging print communication with online communication. Intrigued? Read on!

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