Website Danger: Actually Get Fired Before You Are Hired

So, you say your website hasn’t lived up to the hype your website designer enthusiastically shared as you tried to move your marketing efforts into the 21st century. The claims were glowing… you were told that the website would be … Continue reading

Why Aren’t You Including Video In Your Marketing Mix?

I recently shot my first marketing video, and I was amazed at how cost-effective it was to add this to my own marketing mix, and how easy it was to incorporate with my other marketing channels. Today’s post features video marketing expert, Hope Daley, from Guerilla Media who shares secrets to successful video marketing for smaller organizations.

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You Sell Luxury Products, But does Your Online Image Scream “Low Budget?”

Do you offer luxury services to clients but can’t seem to attract and convert enough prospects? The root of the problem might lie in your ability to project an accurate brand message through web copy or website design. This post will help you make an honest assessment of your current marketing.

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Give a “Lift” to your Nonprofit Direct Mail Program

What can you do to give your direct mail program a lift . . . a shot in the arm . . . a boost in response? Here’s a collection of tips to revitalize your direct mail campaign…

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Attract More Clients: Create a Marketing Message that Speaks to Your Target Audience

Your marketing copy has the power to bring you new customers and retain current ones. It connects you with your clients. Entices them to buy. Drives them to call you. Your marketing copy makes or breaks the sale. Unfortunately, too many companies dilute their message by continuously talking about themselves, not their prospects and clients. How does your marketing copy rank?

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How to Increase Responses from My Mail Appeal?

  Guest post by Lori L. Jacobwith, communication & fundraising strategist who helped helped organizations generate nearly $90 million from individuals.   It’s heading into the time of year when I receive LOTS of fundraising appeals via mail. … Continue reading