Autoresponders: Automate your Email Campaign

Do you engage in email marketing? Are you sometimes overwhelmed with keeping your subscribers engaged? You might want to consider adding autoresponders to your campaign.

Autoresponders are a great way to mitigate your workload when setting up an email marketing campaign.

Why should you use autoresponders?

Autoresponders are a simple and easy way to automatically share your most popular or most relevant content with anyone who subscribes to your mail campaign. By taking the time to set up a single automated email, you can ensure that every single person who subscribes to your campaign, regardless of whether they sign up tomorrow or next year, is exposed to your hottest content – even when it’s no longer the newest post on your site.

Autoresponders also make a great vehicle for sending special offers or coupons to coordinate with holidays. Similarly, you can use them to reward new subscribers, by sending special offers after certain amounts of time, such as one month after they sign up to your list.

How can you use autoresponders most effectively?

For starters, scheduling is one of the most powerful tools autoresponders have. Are most of your subscribers using their work emails? If so, you can set up your automation to only send out on weekdays, during work hours. Are some of your older posts still extremely relevant/popular? Set up an autoresponder to share that content with new subscribers after a specific amount of days.

Another important way to use autoresponders to their fullest is to target specific segments of your subscriber audience. We recommend allowing your users to self-identify into categories when they sign up – for example, our own sign-up form includes several categories, including one for nonprofits. We then have several automatic mailings containing content oriented towards non-profits, such as information about how to apply for the USPS’s non-profit postage rate.

Autoresponders are a great time-saver when you’re setting up an email marketing campaign. If you take the time to use it to its full potential – share your most popular content, target specific segments of your list, and target subscribers at special times – automation can be one of the most effective elements of your campaign.

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