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Thank you for visiting our about page! This blog was created by Blase Ciabaton and is maintained by a team of dedicated direct mail geeks.

We created this blog to help busy professionals like you. We’ve helped our clients launch successful bulk mail campaigns every day for the last 10 years.

We also help clients identify mailing lists that reach their targeted demographic. We’re happy to do basic database research for free-simply click here to submit your inquiry.

We strongly believe in the importance of multi-channel communication, and we also recognize that direct mail is not the right solution for everyone. Our commitment to you is to view your unique situation through the lens of our experience, and offer an honest assessment so we can determine if direct mail marketing is a logical fit for you.

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions page or use our contact form to submit your questions about bulk mail or mailing lists.

Finally, if you find the content on our blog helpful, please click here to sign up for our free weekly enews.

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