2018 USPS Rate Increase

With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s once again time for a rate hike from the U.S. Postal Service. Here are the details of the 2018 postage rate increase.

USPS Rate Increase

Since letter-sized mail is the most commonly used, we primarily focus on how the letter-sized rates are impacted by the rate increase. Letter-sized postage applies to mail which is 6.125 inches by 11 inches or smaller. Flat-sized postage applies to larger mail pieces.

Flat vs Letter

First-Class Mail

First-Class Mail Letter rates are slated to increase from their current 49 cent rate to 50 cents. This is a new high point for first class letter mail, exceeding their previous peak during a temporary rate increase from 2014 to 2016. Now is a good time to buy Forever stamps, before the price goes up!

The postcard rate, which applies to individually mailed postcards measuring 4.25″ x 6″ or smaller, increases from 34 to 35 cents. The additional ounces charge for first class letters will remain at 21 cents, and international letters also hold steady at $1.15.

For businesses which utilize metered postage, the rate also increases by one cent, from 46 cents to 47 cents.

Marketing Mail

Marketing mail (also known as standard mail) rates are slated to increase by an average of 1.94 percent. Included in this category are presort standard as well as the nonprofit rate. Presort Standard automated letters increase from a current estimated 29 cents per piece to an estimated 30 cents per piece. First Class Presort automated letters also see an estimated 1 cent per piece increase, from 40 to 41. Nonprofit automated letters hold at approximately 17 cents per piece.

The largest postage increases in this category target Flat- and Parcel-sizes, and High Density Saturation Letters.

Every Door Direct Mail

The USPS’s very successful Every Door Direct Mail program is also scheduled for a small increase to 17.8 cents per piece, up from 17.7.

Shipping Services

As in previous years, the main focus of the rate increase is on Shipping Services, which sees an average increase for Priority Mail of 3.9 percent, including a 5 cent increase on most Flat Rate shipping charges.

These rate increases, already approved by Congress’s Postal Regulatory Commission, will go into effect on Sunday, January 21.

How will the rate increase affect you? Please share your comments below.

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