Details of Sweeping 2015 USPS postage rate increase

USPS Rules And Regulations

The Postal Regulatory Commission officially approved the USPS requested postage rate increases late last week, and we now have preliminary details on how much of an increase can be expected across the different classes of mail. These new rates are … Continue reading

USPS Rate Increase Now Scheduled For May 31, 2015

Direct Mail Delivery

There’s been so much banter and confusion associated with the United States Post Office 2015 planned postage rate increase that it’s difficult to believe any info released by the USPS. The latest information suggests that rates will in fact go … Continue reading

On again, off again 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase

Low Postage Rates

Generating more drama than a made-for-TV mini-series, the USPS has decided to postpone its planned April 2015 rate increase. This is very good news for US-based business mailers and nonprofits. Here’s a brief synopsis of what we know about the … Continue reading

Whispers of an Imminent 2015 USPS Postage Rate Increase

USPS Rate Increase

The USPS traditionally raises postage rates every January, but on the heels of the historic January 2014 increases that exceeded the annualized rate of inflation, the USPS opted not to raise rates in January 2015. Please see our updated post … Continue reading

No USPS Postage Increase in January 2015

Direct Mail Marketing

A stroke of good news for marketers! There will be no USPS postage increase in January 2015. This is significant, because every January, the USPS has the opportunity to raise postage rates, and although they have raised rates for the … Continue reading

When Will the USPS be Closed in 2015?

Closed For The Holidays

It’s a simple fact that your bulk mail campaign can’t get dropped off or delivered if the U.S. Post Office is closed. With this in mind, it’s critical that you keep USPS holidays in sight.  Unfortunately, on some the lesser … Continue reading

First Class Mail Delivery Now Slower

snail mail

As of Friday, January 5th, 2015, first class mail delivery will take longer. This is the result of what the USPS refers to as “network consolidation.” Network consolidation simply means that there will be fewer USPS locations available to process … Continue reading

How Will the January 2014 USPS Postage Hike Impact You?

USPS Rate Increase

The USPS has scheduled postage rates to go up across the board on Monday, January 27th, 2014. Each year, the USPS is allowed to raise rates. As long as the proposed rate increase falls within the rate of inflation, there’s … Continue reading